GoFloats Body Surfing Hand Plane/Handboard

Take bodysurfing to a whole new level of fun and performance with the Go Floats hand plane. The hand plane is designed to elevate your body out of the water so you can go faster and farther on the wave. The board is made from composite plastic that withstands saltwater corrosion. The adjustable strap fits any size hand, either righty or lefty. The board is also extremely buoyant, so it’s easy to find if it falls off your hand.

Take the GoFloats Body Surfing Handplane to the waves and catch some epic rides. The lightweight and portable handplane takes body surfing to the next level so you’re always prepared for a good time out on the water.

Enjoy the everyday surf and catch more lift, speed and fun! The GoFloats Handplane is engineered to take your bodysurf faster and farther.

The adjustable comfort strap fits hands of all sizes making it perfect for entry level body surfing and for experienced riders alike. Plus, if the strap comes undone the highly buoyant handplane material makes it easy to retrieve your board.



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